Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken

There are several records in cricket that are unbeatable till now and probably never be broken in the future. As known from history that cricket is a very unpredictable game and anything can happen in the match. But some legit players made such records that will never be broken. Let’s check them out.


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Whether, Chris Gayle’s fastest century in IPL or Jim Laker’s most dismissals in one test match. These achievements look impossible to break. Here is the list of records that are unlikely to be broken in the future.

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10. Most wickets taken in an ODI match


With the passage of time, the batsman is ruling over the cricket. So, taking more wickets is not an easy task. But, Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka) a left-armed pacer took 8 wickets against Zimbabwe for giving only 19 runs. As a result, Zimbabwe’s whole team all out for 38 runs off only 15.4 overs which is also one of the lowest totals in ODI history. And this ODI record is not going to be broken anytime soon. 

  • Name: Chaminda Vaas
  • Against: Zimbabwe
  • Year: 2001
  • Record: 8 wickets for 19 runs


9. Lowest economy rate in an ODI match


In recent time, cricket is becoming a batsman favored game. As a result, maintaining a good economic rate is a major difficulty for the bowler. New cricket bats are very friendly for scoring runs and bowlers face a lot of problems. 


But Phil Simmons did a great job in an ODI against Pakistan. There he threw the entire 10 over and took 4 wickets at an excellent economy rate of 0.30. He conceded only 3 runs on that inning. Surely, that whole spell will never be beaten in this aggressive hitting era. 


Name: Phil Simmons

Against: Pakistan

Year: 1992

Record: 0.30 economy rate


8. Most runs scored by a Nightwatchman


At first, we want to tell you that a nightwatchman is a lower order player or tail-enders in any team who comes in to bat at higher-order usually at the end of the day’s play. Generally, they come to play overs that are left.


But Jason Gillispie(Australia) made history when he came to play against Bangladesh and scored unbeaten 201 runs in a test match in2006. His record seems weird because the scoring double century is not easy. Looks like, this record will not be broken in the upcoming time. 

Name: Jason Gillispie

Against: Bangladesh

Year: 2006

Record: Not out 201 runs


7. Most wickets taken one match in first-class cricket


In 1956, Jim Laker an English off-break bowler made a record that every bowler wants to have. It is difficult to dismiss more than 5 players in an inning for even a legit bowler but this skillful player did this twice in a match against Australia where he took 9 wickets for 37 runs in the first inning and outstandingly 10 wickets for 53 runs in 2nd inning. He missed a perfect chance of taking the whole 20 wickets but this record will also never be broken in recent decades.

Name: Jim Laker

Against: Australia

Year: 1956

Record: 19 wickets in one match(first class)


6. Most international wicket-taker


It is believed that taking more wickets is harder than scoring more runs in cricket but a Sri Lankan off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan proved this wrong by his wicket-taking abilities. He started his International carrier on August 28, 1992, and ended in April 2011. During this period he took a total of 1347 record wickets combining 800 tests and 534 ODI’s wickets. His bowling style was very different from others and many times this has become part of the query for umpires. But later it was cleared by ICC. His record of wickets will be one of the best records in International cricket and maybe unbeatable over the decades.    


Name: Muttiah Muralitharan

Record: 1347 international wickets


5. Most balls thrown in one inning of a test match


If we’ll ask you, how much overscan a professional bowler delivers in one inning of a test match? You may reply with a maximum of 60 overs. But Sonny Ramadhin a West Indian off-break bowler delivered a jaw-dropping 98 overs in an inning of a test match against England.


 Name: Sonny Ramadhin

Against: England

Year: 1957

Record: 98 overs thrown in one inning


4. Fastest ODI century 


In 2015, a new record has registered in the history of cricket during a normal ODI match between South Africa and West Indies. On that match, AB de Villiers popularly known as Mr.360 made a great record of the fastest century, half-century, and 150. He completed his 100 off only 31 balls which seems to be impossible in ODI. During his era, no one wanted to bawl against AB because of his skills of scoring runs in all directions of the ground. This record is not going to break anytime soon.


Name: AB de Villiers

Against: West Indies

Year: 2015

Record: century in 31 balls


3. Most runs scored in an entire carrier


Sir Jack Hobbs an English cricketer called the greatest batsman in cricket history. He is known as “The Master”. He is the record holder of scoring most runs in First-Class cricket. He made a total of 61,760 runs including 199 centuries. Nobody can imagine coming nearby this record. And this record will be guaranteed unbroken in the upcoming time.


Name: Sir Jack Hobbs

Record: Scored over 60,000 runs 


2. Shortest test match

How much will you disappointed when you have purchased a ticket of watching a test match and the match will end on just the first day? Actually, This has happened in a match between Australia and South Africa in 1932. The match has ended in just 5 hours and 53 minutes. And this is a record of a shortest test match


Between: Australia and South Africa

Year: 1932

Record: Match ended in just 5 hrs 53 minutes


1. Highest batting average


 Generally, a good batsman is able to maintain their batting average between 50-60. But a legendary cricketer named Sir Don Bradman maintained his batting average to 99.94. he has almost 100 batting average. He is called “The Don”. During 1929-30 his average was 113.28 which is an extremely great achievement. The Australian cricketer is regarded as the greatest international batsman of all time. Also, this record is truly unbeatable and a dream for many players. 


Name: Sir Don Bradman

Record: Batting average of 99.94


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