FAU-G download link FAU-G launched today during the celebration of Republic Day in India; FAU-G launch date and time

This is the day on which India’s first battle royale game is going to be launched. On 72nd Indian Republic Day dated 26th January 2021, one of the most awaited battle royale game called FAU-G will be released. All Indians were waiting for this very curiously since its first teaser.


FAU-G launch date and time  


As this is confirmed by our previous post that the game will be downloadable on 26th Jan but the time was not confirmed. But according to the latest updates, we found that the game will be legal on your app store from 5:00 PM. The time may differ because this is not officially confirmed by game owners. 


Here the download link. You can download it from here 

faug download

Why this game is dominating the news?


Since its first teaser, this game became a hot topic for the gaming community. Because this is the first battle-royale game developed by India. The game was firstly introduced by one of the best Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on September 4, 2020. He shared this news on his Instagram handle. This game is based on the sacrifice of Indian soldiers on the borders. This is also a big reason behind its trend. Before the announcement, peoples in India were playing different battle-royale games like PUBG, FreeFire, COD mobile and many which are not Indian games, as well as the revenue collected by those games, were going outside India and this is not good for the Indian gaming community. So, Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) become so famous in a little time.


About the game  


Most of the players are already known about this game but some may not aware of this. So, here are the details of the Game: FAU-G is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Made In India based Indian tech company n-Core games whose headquarter is situated in Bengaluru. the n-Core game will also publish this game on the app store. This is claimed that the 20% revenue of this game will be given to Indian soldiers who are fighting in the borders of India. Discussing more the game, this game will be played on different levels and the first level of the game will be on the India-China hot debate held on Galway Valley in June 2020. This game will feature story mode battles which will make this more enjoyable.


Why you should choose this game?


There are so many reasons so that one must try this game once:

1. This game is fully developed by an Indian company (n-Core) and this will also be published by n-Core games. This will represent India to the world in the gaming community.

2. with time, the gaming world is boosting day by day it is also helping their country in representing them as well as boosting the economy. So, the revenue generated by this game will be stayed here and will help in boosting the Indian economy.

3. This will also help the people to think about our national heroes ‘The Indian soldiers’ that will act as a positive impact on Indian population towards our Indian soldiers and this game also going to become a good way to give thanks to our Indian soldiers. 


FAQ related to FAU-G


Q. Can this game be played on every android phone?

A. This game requires at least an android version above 8.0 (oreo) and   

     2GHz of RAM.   


Q. Can this game will run on all iOS devices?

A. There is no official statement for the requirement in iOS devices.


Q. Can we play this game on Jio phone



Q. Does this game support In-app-purchases?

A. Yes