What is Boxing Day, and Why is it called Boxing Day?

What is Boxing Day and when is it celebrated?

Like other International holidays, it is also an International holiday and celebrated the day after Christmas day (26 December). The main reason behind celebrating this is, distributing gifts to poor people or money or anything else which can help the poor for surviving. it is originated in the United Kingdom but is currently celebrated in many countries. The first Christmas day is celebrated on December 26, 1871, and after this, the 26th December of every year is celebrated as Boxing Day.

When the Boxing Day will be celebrated in 2021?

This year Boxing Day will be celebrated on Sunday 26 December 2021.


Why is the day after Christmas called Boxing Day


Boxing Day

As we know that 25th is celebrated as Christmas almost in all countries of the world. But do you a day later from Christmas that is 26 of December is widely celebrated as Boxing day in the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, while in some European countries such as Poland, Netherlands, Germany, and Hungry, 26 of December is known as second Christmas day. There are no relations between boxing and this boxing day, so the question is then why is the day after Christmas called Boxing days.

Boxing day actually comes into existence when Queen Victoria was ruled in the 1800s and I said earlier this boxing day has nothing to do with the real boxing game. This boxing day is also celebrated as Saint Stephen’s day in some countries such as Spain and Ireland.


Boxing day is celebrated as something similar to Christmas so it is also known as the second Christmas day. This day was usually off for employment or servants and their masters use to give them a Christmas box. These days peoples also give Christmas boxes to their relatives, families, and friends and pray for their good wishes.


Money distribution on boxing Day 


Many rich people give Christmas boxes in which they filled some money for helping the poor. They used to go street by street and find needy people and they help them by giving the Christmas box. However, some donate a huge amount of money to a social development agency or institute.

Many people who are not enough rich, they collect money whole year for the poor people a finally on Christmas boxing day they distribute this money among the poor peoples and make them happy by helping their families.


Churches also play a great role in playing this distributing Christmas boxes, through the whole year they would make some money in the form of collection from the people who come to pray at church, and finally, the Church masters hand it out on Christmas boxing days.


There are many ways that they used to celebrate this Christmas boxing day but they all have the same motive, to help the poor people so they also can enjoy some happiness. But today those boxes are not popular, but they help poor people by giving some extra money to needy people like the paperboy and food delivery guys.


When is celebrating Christmas Boxing day?


Boxing day

Usually, most of the year Christmas boxing day is celebrated, a day after Christmas day on the 26 of December. In some countries like in the UK, Christmas boxing day is also a public bank holiday. 


Yeah, but some years the date of Christmas boxing days is not that of 26 December, because when 26 falls on Sunday the Christmas boxing day is a move to Monday.


Now celebrating this festival has changed, people now have started to give not only money but also they feed the poor and give them some job in support of their families.




Boxing day

The day after Christmas is called boxing day because earlier peoples used boxes to celebrate this, So till now, it is known as Christmas boxing days. The word boxing in Christmas boxing days belongs to that boxes which is used to give money to poor people.