Christmas is one of the most famous festivals in the world. Almost all countries of the world celebrate this with a lot of enjoyment and happiness. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the whole year so don’t forget to wish your relatives with beautiful Christmas short quotes. I think Christmas short quotes are best to wish anyone for Happy Christmas day. Here are many Christmas short quotes for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more social media accounts. Here we created some best Christmas short quotes. And don’t forget to pick up your best quotes.


Make this December to Remember” 

  • “Sweater weather is better together”


  • “Ho oh no, make you fool Happy Christmas day”


  • “ Let’s break the rules to stop making this Christmas cruel”


  • “Be calm, all is going to bright”


  • “Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way”


  •  “Uh hu Winter is coming”


  • “Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and land in the land”


  • “A silent night, twinkling stars in the sky, hoping gift of blessed and love. Happy Christmas day”


  • “Let’s spend this 25 December with your specials. Happy Christmas day”

History of Christmas and Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader of Christian. He is considered the central figure of Christianity (It was the world’s largest religion). Mary and Joseph were his parents. There are many stories about Jesus but they have no correct evidence about it. They tell these stories on the basis of some imagines. Many secrets are buried in Jesus Christ’s birth and death. 

Many people beliefs that Jesus was a sign of the Holy Spirit and can connect the peoples with God. He did many things that amazed the Christians. He established the Christian church and died for the happiness of Christian.

There is no one who knows the exact real date of birth of Jesus! Even no date is given in the Bible, so here a question arises why we celebrate it exactly on December 25? Some historian says the Jesus born in 2 BC but in many books the date birth of Jesus is 7BC, so it is quite difficult to say that when Jesus was born exactly?

  The first recorded when Christmas becomes first to celebrate in December was the year of 336AD when Roman Emperor was come in ruled (This Roman Emperor is the first Christian Roman Emperor). After ruling some years he announced that the birth of Jesus would rejoice on the 25 December every year. And since then, the process of celebrating Christmas Day on 25 December continues. 

However, there are many traditional theories and facts to prove why they celebrate Jesus's birthday exactly on December 25.

How Christmas Day celebrated

The festival Christmas that falls during the winter seasons is celebrated almost all over the world in the remembrance of Jesus Christ. But does All people know the real story behind celebrating this festival and Jesus’ birth? Of course not because there are many historians who give many hints and weak documents but no one knows the actual story of Jesus’ birth. However, the year in which Jesus was born is actually unknown but it is considered that Jesus was born about 2000 years ago. According to a modern calculator, Jesus was born in the year 1.

Christmas day is celebrated during the winter season on December 25 of every year and celebrated by all religious and caste of peoples. It is celebrated by both theists and atheists and celebrated for over 200 centuries. On December 25, 1870 the United States of America declared it a national holiday. 

Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ Jesus with a custom and special ritual that include exchanging of gifts, decorating Christmas tree with different lights and equipment, praying in church, distributing sweets with relatives and friends, Asking for some special from Santa, and do waiting for coming Santa cloze.

It usually celebrates at night and people used to decorate their homes with light, candles, and balloons and celebrate this with great enthusiasm with each other. Many peoples used to celebrate it by creating home parties and loudspeakers while some used to go for a picnic with relatives, family members, and friends.  

Is Christmas day actually Jesus’ birthday

santa birthday

As you know that Christmas day is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ. But is Christmas day actually Jesus’ birthday? The answer s very simply, of course not, Because the date Jesus born is actually unknown even how the story of his birth is a mystery, I mean no one knows exactly his birth story but it is written in many holy books and article that he is born by the grace of God.