How Covid-19 is going to affect this Christmas

This year Christmas is going to be some different from past years. Here we have to share everything you need to know about coming Christmas. Hereafter reading this article you will able to know how Covid-19 is going to affect this Christmas. So if you want to celebrate this Christmas healthy and juicy we must have known about the changes which will apply on this Christmas.

This Christmas the system of putting up the Christmas tree may be too early, but its meaning is not that this Christmas will not be celebrated by the Britons. So there is an important question that can arise in many peoples’ minds that exactly how this Christmas is going to celebrate?

By the way, the answer to this question is quite difficult but it seems that this year peoples and families will be able to spend their time together for few days at Christmas and the governments of many countries announced that No peoples can meet up inside a high-density population places like hotels, , theatres or restaurants, big shops, malls, pubs theatres or restaurants.

Boris Johnson announced to all MPs on Nov 23 that our government is planning to celebrate this year's Christmas with time-limited so the chance of spreading Covid-19 can be decrease and people can enjoy their healthy lives later with their families. Yeah, we all want some batter kind of Christmas this year and we also certainly deserve it. But I don’t think that we want is to throw the cautions and rules and will allow the virus to re-attack on our relatives and family members and forcing ourselves to fall back in lockdown in coming months and years. 

What effect can be seen in Christmas 2020 due to Covid-19?

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On November 24, the government of different four nations agreed that this Christmas should be celebrated by keeping the danger of Covid-19 so no can be affected by this virus. The government of different countries made their own rules and regulation to save the lives of their citizen and it is our responsibility to stay alter from This virus.

Maximum Three or Four families can meet together but this meeting allowed indoor not outdoors meeting are allowed like in restaurant, mall, cinemas and many more where usually more crowd are available. They are also not allowed to go outdoor to celebrate Christmas night parties.

Governments of many governments have negotiated a seven day of flight or ferries service but one should follow all the rules and regulations of flight travel. No one can get any type of flight and ferries after ending o0f these seven days.

Hugging will be allowed this Christmas. One can meet properly this Christmas but their first priority will be keeping a distance from such activities we can affect the citizens. One can go to another home to distribute sweets and loves with their relatives and friends but there is a rule that not more than three or four families can collect together.

From Dec 02 to Dec 23 the lockdown will be distributed in some different tiers so people can make all arrangements related to Christmas. From December 23 to 25 December the government will give some time to celebrate Christmas.

Will this Christmas will last for five days?


Yeah, the answer is yes the people of the UK, US, and many countries will celebrate this Christmas for Five days, but they have to follow some strict rules and regulations. And as we have already discussed that they can do anything under some rules. Small parties will be allowed where no more than 5 peoples can join together. They will get their five days, during these days both governmental or Non- governmental institute or office will be close. 


Will be in lockdown during this Christmas?

Actually, No because governments are planning to ease lockdown restriction on second December and will open lockdown into three-tier or stages, People must have to agree with governmental orders. Governments of many countries have decided to give relaxation during Dec23 - Dec 27.

So Overall government will try their best so they can make your this Christmas well, but As a citizen, this is also our responsibility to follow the rules and regulation so we can stop the spreading of this virus. 

I hope you will have enjoyed this article.