Story of Santa

Christmas, yes the same Christmas which is celebrated every year in the winter season, which you and your family observe on 25 December every year with great pomp. Yes, the same Christmas, the day on which everyone decorates the Christmas tree in a very beautiful way, eats sweets and then waits for Santa Claus to get their wish. But Do you know the stories behind this, the story of Santa? Do you know why Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year? Do you know the secret behind Santa?

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After all, who was Christ Jesus whom you and all people call Santa? Today, almost 99% of the people of the world probably know that Christmas is celebrated in the glory of Jesus Christ but don’t know the story of Santa, and many people do not even want to know it because they know that actually you and we have been listening to the stories of Christmas and Lord Jesus since childhood has no relation with reality. Actually, the true story is something else.

History of Christmas and Story of Christ Jesus

 In the early decades, only Christian people used to celebrate Christmas festival, but today in almost all the countries of the world, they celebrate this Christmas very grandly. On December 25, Christmas Day is a holiday in almost every country. On 25 December 1870, the United States declared Christmas Day as a national holiday. Many questions related to Christmas arise in the minds of people, like who was Jesus Christ actually? Was he a god or a divine-human being whom God had given some special powers, which common man like us hasn't? Or they were also common people like us and you, and if they were common people like us and you, then why are they worshiped, why are they special to us.

  Hundreds of such questions dazzle our minds today. Yes, it is can easily find out that Jesus Christ was not a common man like us and you, otherwise, why was he given a more sacred place than us, why people worship him. By seeing so much faith and passion for Christ, people can find out that he was a special man.  

Many litterateurs have told innumerable stories behind the story of Santa, but no one has any concrete evidence that can prove their point, in fact, all the litterateurs have written all these stories after taking some important things in their mind. But all these stories and facts cannot unravel the secrets of Jesus Christ. 

Who was Santa

Do you also want to know all the secrets of Jesus Christ and Christmas like others? If yes then keep in touch for minutes so that we can solve all the questions related to it, then let us meet together and find answers to some questions. Santa Claus is usually depicted as a thick-haired and white-bearded man, though no one has yet seen it in real. People say that on Christmas night, Santa, as an old man, comes to give his favorite gifts to the children of the earth. Actually, in the nineteenth century, a political cartoonist named Thomas first painted this white-bearded Santa, after which the picture became very popular in the United States and Canada. Since then, everyone has considered Santa the same way. The reason this picture became so popular was that after the creation of this picture, it was printed in the Bible and children's books. Through this, this picture was sent to every corner of the country, due to which it suddenly became popular after seeing the new picture of Santa. 

I hope after reading this article you will have solved your doubts about Christmas and Santa. If you want more pieces of information about Christmas and Christ Jesus, you can read our other post.