Why is Christmas Day Celebrated on 25th December 

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As we all know that Christmas day is celebrated in memory of the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is believed by the Christian that he was not an ordinary person, God gave him some special powers where some people also say that he is the son of God. But actually, no one knows about Jesus Christ, even no one knows the actual birth date of Jesus, then there is one can rise in many minds that, if no one the birth date of Jesus Christ then why is Christmas day on 25th December.

So here we shall try to find the answer to this question that why 25th December has chosen to celebrate Christmas. But before this, we have to know a little more about Christmas that will help us to find the answer to why is Christmas Day on 52th December?


About the Christmas 


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The word ‘Christmas’ came from the mass of Jesus Christ. Christian believe that Jesus Christ is a God-gifted who is sent to earth to save their lives. They believe that Jesus Christ sacrifices his life for the happiness of Christian peoples, So they started to give respect to him by celebrating his birthday as a festival. They started to worship him as a God sign.

At starting only Christian people used to celebrated Christmasbut after some decades Christmas become worldwide famous. At present, the Christmas festival has started to celebrate in all countries. And finally, on June 26, 1870, Christmas was declared a federal holiday in the United States.


Now a day Christmas is celebrated by all peoples whether they are Christian or not. On Christmas all people exchanges gifts and sweets. The decoration of Christmas is the most important part of this festival. At night they conduct a grand party, especially children like Christmas most. It is also believed that on the night of Christmas an old fatty man, known as Santa comes to fulfill the wishes of children. 


So now this time is finding the answer to the question why is Christmas day on 25th December.


Why is Christmas Day on 25th December


Actually, no one knows the exact birth date of Jesus Christ, in the holy book of the Christian ‘Bible’. No birthday of Jesus is given then why we celebrate Christmas on 25th December. The early Christians had many arguments as to when they should celebrate their Christmas? The birth date of Jesus is not known because when Jesus was born, no one has an idea about dates and calendars. But later it is observed that Jesus will have born in the winter season between November to January but no one has the exact date when Jesus Christ was born. Some historians tell that probably born somewhere between 2 BCE and 7 BCE or possibly it can be 4 BCE.


The first Christmas Recorded on December 25, 336 during the period of the Roman Emperor, But it is quite difficult to believe that Christmas is not an official festival in Roman states at this time. However, there are many traditional and theories which explain why is Christmas Day on 25th December, but no one of them explains the exact reason.

By keeping some clue in minds people find out date so they can celebrate their Christmas on that date every year, and after some decade this date becomes very famous and almost all countries started to celebrate this Christmas on December 25 of every year. 


Children's magazines and books play a great role in becoming famous for Christmas very faster. After some decade an artist named Thomas Nast published an imaginary photo of Santa in 1863 and all peoples especially children was very attracted by this new photo of Santa Claus.




I hope you would have found the answer to why is Christmas Day on 25th December. Actually, no one has the exact reason why peoples celebrate Christmas on December 25. Because since ancient times, people have been believing Christmas on 25th of December and they also need a particular date for celebrating this festival. That’s why people together decided to celebrate it on December 25.